Human body scanning using computer and smartphone cameras
How it works
The E-Commerce Platform

Once customers choose their desired clothing, instead of having to estimate their size, the user will be able to select a "Find your Size" option powered by RightFit.

The RightFit Pop-Up

Users are redirected to a web-app wherein an integrated pop-up opens the customer's camera. Within a few seconds, body proportions of the user are scanned to give their optimum size.

The Result

After the body scan is performed, the customer's body measurements are saved and the user will always receive their RightFit in the future

Computer Vision

We utilize computer vision to derive body detection points and ultimate establish your correct sizing

Machine Learning

Utilizing neural networks, our algorithm continues to increase in accuracy

Distance Recognition

Our algorithm can establish sizing real-time through accurate distance recognition.

Data Science

We also make use of predictive analytics to enhance our size recommendations.

Future Use Cases of our technology

In e-commerce

In store

In store measurments

Inventory Management

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